Internet of Things and Data Visualization

Internet of Things and Data Visualization

Apart from flying a car (maybe soon!), we are definitely living the era which we used to watch in the movies and cartoons. Internet of Things (IoT) is here! And it is growing so fast that we adjusted it to our lives like we have been using it forever. IoT is already making our lives easier and has created a much more productive environment in business world.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is basically a system of internet-working devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects etc. that provide the ability to collect and exchange data over a network. And this is done without having the need of human interaction -scary right?

IoT technology started a few years back and it is now on a roll. Ericcson predicts IoT sensors and devices are expected to exceed mobile phones, as the largest category of connected devices in 2018. Also as they foresee, there will be a total of approx. 28 billion connected devices worldwide by 2021- which is 4 times more than Gartner forecasted for 2016. Economically; McKinsey estimates that in 2025, the economic impact of IoT could reach $3.9 trillion to $11.9 trillion a year.

Big Data, Internet of Things

What do Internet of Things and Data Visualization have in common?

One of the challenges for IoT industry is data analysis and interpretation. Connecting devices and generating data alone are not achievements. All the big data generated from different IoT devices are impractical when you can`t analyze them and translate them into a language that is easy to understand, process and present on visual language. For this reason, Data Visualization is becoming an integral part of IoT.

How to make the IoT data more meaningful for Marketers? – It is time to join the forces!

As mentioned before, tracking and analyzing these different data sets are only going to be possible with the use of Data Visualization Tools. Data Visualization will help us to have strong analytics. And those capabilities can help in making accurate decisions for marketing activities and of course for business strategies.

It is now essential for marketers to use Data Visualization tools which enable them to transform IoT data into actionable insights. These tools are built to visualize, filter and aggregate millions of data points, and can be corresponded with any data model. They are also suitable for any specific business requirements. Visualizing and analyzing data will;

  • Realize your business and discover hidden patterns and trends in your IoT data
  • Improve decision making
  • Getting right messages to the right customers
  • Driving revenue growth

Data Visualization is going to be the key of marketing in 2017 as IoT data will be generated more than previous years. That is why marketers should focus on making their IoT data more meaningful, with data visualization to be able to quickly identify and then act upon it.


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